Acne, pigmentation and anti-ageing treatments from a trusted skin specialist in Reading

Start your skin transformation with results focused treatments and skincare, backed by science.

Acne, pigmentation and anti-ageing treatments from a trusted skin specialist in Reading

We have all the comforts you would expect of an exclusive salon, except our senior facialist offers clinical treatments using cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical-grade products to truly transform your skin.

Skin Consultation

Don’t know where to start with your skin care regime or buying skin care products? Simply book in for a skin consultation to see what your skin needs and what products are best for you.

Our clients come to us frustrated with wasting their money on ineffective treatments and products.  Their bathroom shelves a painful reminder of just how much they’ve spent. With Crysallis you take a journey to transform your skin.  You leave happy and confident with the look you’ve always wanted, and the information you need to buy the right products for you. Frankie works with up to 10 clients at a time to transform their skin.

Our aesthetic skin scientist, Frankie, has successfully developed bespoke methods to Crysallis to manage, treat and maintain your skin. Science feeds into everything she does – whether it’s the latest advancement in a clinical treatment, or a groundbreaking, medical-grade skin product – but Frankie also looks at the bigger picture, taking factors such as lifestyle and diet into account. Frankie doesn’t just want to make your skin look and feel better; she wants it to look and feel its best.

Bespoke skin transformations include :

  • Home-use skincare regime bespoke for your skin type with training videos on how to use effectively, in what order to use them, and why you need to use them 
  • In-clinic treatments specific to your skin condition
  • Supplements to support your skin during this time
  • Acne and Scarring Transformation Solution 
  • 12 month Ageing, Rosacea and Pigmentation Transformations 
  • Access to NHS consultants, Nurse prescribers, Nutritionists, and Naturopaths where required
  • Follow on membership packages exclusive to Transformation clients


Acne Treatment

We specialise in advanced techniques for the management and treatment of acne. Our qualified Skin Scientist, Frankie, will formulate the right treatments and product combination to help you treat active acne and lessen the appearance of old scarring for a clearer complexion.   

We will perform a tailored facial assessment, followed by a combination of skin peels, at home skincare and microneedling to help you achieve excellent, long lasting results. Click the link below to find out more about our acne treatment in Reading.

Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan is a world-leading depigmentation treatment that targets pigmentation problems such as melasma and dark spots. It treats both existing hyperpigmentation problems, reducing intensity, and can also help prevent new patches from appearing. 

Cosmelan Pigmentation treatment in Reading can drastically improve the appearance of your skin and more importantly improve your confidence.


i-PRF & Anti Aging

iPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) treatment at our skin clinic in Reading is a regenerative treatment that utilises the bodies own blood platelets for superior tissue regeneration. 

This advanced treatment can be used to tackle a multitude of skin concerns such as volume loss, photo damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin expert Frankie will first conduct a thorough skin assessment and put together a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve the best possible results.


We not only transform your skin but show you how to care for your skin in the long-term.  Our treatments  deal with the problems you have today and give you the basis for beautiful, healthy and more youthful skin forever more.

Our Skin Scientist.

When you ask someone to treat your skin you want the confidence that comes with knowing they are highly trained, knowledgeable and have the experience to guide you.  Your skin is delicate, sensitive and our lead consultant, Frankie, is highly qualified in Investigative Skin Science.

As a Skin Scientist Frankie understands how different treatments and products work together to create the perfect solution for you.  Her training, breadth of knowledge and experience mean she is able to work with medical-grade pharmaceutical treatments, not just the cosmetic & cosmeceutical products available in beauty salons.

Book a consultation at our specialist skin clinic in Reading today by calling 07710024766 or by visiting our contact page.


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