Acne Management and Acne Scarring Reduction

How do we treat it?

Suffering with blemishes, or the scars they leave behind, can be damaging to your confidence as well as look unsightly.  Our tailored treatments reduce breakouts, encourage skin to repair and regenerate, and  reduce the scars left behind.   Book your consultation with us now and see the difference in your skin.

While acne is hard to treat as its underlying cause is nearly always hormonal based. However it can be managed well through treatments and home products, and changes to diet

Sadly, much of the readily available acne treatments on the high street are harsh astringents which exacerbate the problem in the mid to long-term because they upset  the acid mantle of the skin which is the basis we need for healthy skin.

Our tailored facial assessment will determine the level of acne bacteria on your skin and suggest the most effective products and cleansing regime for you. 

Regular treatments not only keep acne under control but can also repair the pigmentation and scarring it leaves behind. Our signature peels will deal with the  breakouts, scarring and other results of acne . Our bespoke post-treatment plan will recommend products containing the correct ingredients to calm the skin’s inflammation and manage outbreaks. These will include cleansers that degrease the skin without drying, and serums & toners that include salicylic, niacinamide, hinokitiol among others.

Once we have the acne under control, we use Microneedling with Pharma grade mesotherapy serums to great effect to repair scarring and pigmentation.