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Anti Ageing Treatment in Reading

Our bodies are ageing all the time, but with the right preventative measures and targeted solutions, it’s possible to look and feel younger than you are. More importantly, our treatments can be effective at any age, and the earlier you start, the better the outcome.

With age, and through factors such as diet, lifestyle and sun exposure, our skin tends to look thin, dry and crepey. It’s also the last organ to receive nutrients – but we can work inside and out to enhance its appearance for the long-term. We offer a range of anti ageing and wrinkle treatments at our skin clinic in Reading.

Ageing Skin Conditions & Treatments

When it comes to ageing, there’s a wealth of signs and symptoms you may be looking to treat. Here’s a guide to which any ageing and wrinkle treatments in Reading are generally recommended for each.

Dry Skin

Chemical peels in Reading can exfoliate dry, dead skin cells to reveal the brighter skin below, while microneedilng can promote cell turnover . When preformed with mesotherapy can hydrate the skin. We also offer bespoke facial masks to help tone & tighten the skin with ingredients specifically targeting your skin type.

Lines & wrinkles

There are many wrinkle treatments in Reading available to combat this concern. Skin peels are able to exfoliate several layers of skin for a refreshed appearance, while microneedling and mesotherapy have smoothing benefits and collagen formation. iPRF is also a great tool in our kit to help you combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Sun Spots/ Photoageing/ Melasma

Sun spots and Melasma can be reduced through skin peels such as Cosmelan. Both microneedling and mesotherapy can be effective approach to pigmentation treatment too.

Sagging skin

Skin tightening can be achieved through collagen formation triggered by anti ageing facials in Reading such as skin peels and microneedling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer anti ageing facials?

A chemical peel in Reading offers more long term benefis than a regular facial, with many skin resurfacing benefits. Our anti ageing facials in Reading include:

Today Skin Peels – in just 1 hour you can achieve immediate results through our tailored anti ageing treatments, and little in the way of side-effects of downtime.

Deeper Skin Peels – after prepping the skin to benefit from a bespoke skin peel you can achieve long lasting results  and little in the way of side-effects of downtime.

Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment – If the ageing effects o pigmentation issues such as melasma and age spots is your concern, then a Cosmelan Peel in Reading might be the answer.

Anti Ageing Facials – If you’d prefer one of our bespoke facials, we can harness the power of nature to hydrate and refine skin, using pharma grade products relevant to your ageing concerns.

Why does skin age?

As we age the collagen and elastin fibers in our skin break, thicken and stiffen, losing their elasticity. This results in skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Various factors can contribute to ageing, causing the skin to age faster. This can include sun exposure, genetics, diet and general health and wellbeing. 

What anti ageing skin care is best?

Many of our clients come to us having spent hundreds of pounds on skincare products that simply have not worked. Frankie uses a tailored, results driven approach to anti ageing skincare. She provides top-name brands such as  Crysallis own product range, Mesoestetic and AlumierMD, all science-backed skincare ranges with clinical evidence of efficacy.

Does micro needling help with ageing skin?

Microneedling uses a series of tiny needles to make small punctures in the skin, prompting the skin to make more collagen which is ideal for ageing skin with decreasing levels of collagen and elastin. 

Mesotherapy is the injection of a bespoke complex serums into skin to boost radiance and enhance tone and texture. This can be done using microneedling or a Meso injector or free hand needle injection.

Mesotherapy also covers i-PRF treatments where our own body’s blood plasma is used as a growth factor and stem call serum.

How can I prevent skin ageing?

There are many ways can help prevent further skin ageing . First, sun protection is key – even in a colder country, on a cloudy day and in the cooler seasons. Secondly, hydrating the skin is a must, both through skincare and through drinking plenty of water. Finally, diet and exercise can have fantastic skin benefits – a balanced diet ensures you’re taking in the right vitamins and minerals, while a good exercise regime improves circulation. We also offer a range of wrinkle treatments in Reading that can help tackle the early signs of ageing.

What wrinkle treatment should I choose?

During your in-depth consultation, our skin scientist Frankie will assess your skin, listen to your concerns and put together a bespoke anti ageing treatment plan based on your needs. All anti ageing treatments at Crysallis Skin Clinic in Reading are results focused and backed by science. 

Booking Your Anti-Ageing Facial in Reading

At Crysallis Skin, your local Reading skin clinic, we’re committed to enhancing and improving your appearance through a variety of anti ageing treatments, each tailored to you.

To ensure you’re happy with your results, we invite our clients to a consultation ahead of treatment, assessing your skin and advising about which wrinkle treatment could work for you.

And, to ensure peace of mind at every stage of your unique skin journey, you can rest assured that we only work with the best, most trusted names in the business.

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