Treatment details

Crysallis signature peels are why our clients come to us!  We spend the time ensuring your skin is primed to respond in the best possible way so that our Pharmaceutical grade treatments give you the long lasting results you deserve.  Done in an hour, with no lasting redness, our peels are highly effective with instant results!

Our Facials are tailored to your skin.  Not just a cleanse & plump – We specialise in advanced techiniques for Acne, Anti-Ageing and Pigmentation reduction.  Using Alumier, Cellcosmet, Mesoesthetics & Medik8, we develop a programme that you can use at home as well as enjoy in the clinic.

Crysallis is best-known for our signature peels.  Following your in-depth skin assessment, we will discuss the best peel to transform your skin and achieve the result you want.

It is no surprise that high-grade treatments work best on properly prepared skin.  That’s why when you come to us for a peel you’ll have a thorough cleanse & facial massage using the products recommended by the results of your clinical skin assessment.

Our technique means you will manage a bespoke peel in your lunch hour.  There will be no lasting redness, meaning no downtime. The results are noticeable immediately.

Whether you want to reduce your pore-size, brighten dull skin, reduce pigmentation spots, balance the oiliness of your skin or walk away with a hydrated, vibrant glow, we can tailor your treatment perfectly.

Depending on the nature of your problem we may recommend a deeper peel or course of peels to achieve the long-lasting transformation you truly want.



How long does it take?

The treatment lasts around 45minutes. The reason this works so well is that we multi-layer the peels for specific skin conditions in one session.


Do I need to do anything before my peel?

There is no pre-treatment required, except if you use Retinol products which need to be stopped 48hours before a peel.


Will it hurt?

The treatment should have very little sensation levels. It is mostly lactic acid based and is elegantly encapsulated by Alumier to penetrate without the sensations you often feel with other peel types. A glow Peel which is a half-Jessner peel may have a higher sensation level on the skin.


Will my skin actually peel?

You may not peel with the entry-level peels, but some peeling is expected with the Glow Peel. This peel will only be applied once the skin is ready to receive and benefit from it.


What is peeling?

Many Skin Rejuvenating treatments operate on the principle that we need to exfoliate dead cells efficiently so that new healthier cells can come to the surface, so peels encourage dead skin to shed to allow a healthier new set of cells to come up. This means the skin may flake off after a peel. This flaky should not be picked or scratched off, and moisturising balm needs to be applied regularly.


Do I need to do anything special afterwards?

Post-treatment care is most important. Use of a sensitive cleanser, a moisturising balm, and SPF with UVA and UVB protection is mandatory. This helps the skin recover well, get the best results, and prevent post-treatment pigmentation.

You must not:

  • Use any Retinol based products for 2 days after depending on your skin condition,

  • Swim or do aerobic exercise for 2 days (to prevent excess sweat on your skin),

  • Apply ice or cold packs to the skin

  • Use a sauna or sunbed or expose your skin to extreme heat from cooking or ovens