BYONIK recognises that every person is unique and offers a gentle, yet highly effective skin treatment.  BYONIK can help treat the signs of stress, environmental factors and aging, as well helping to treat acne, rosacea and eczema. BYONIK uses a unique pulse-triggered laser which stimulates cell functions which are essential for healthy skin. The BYONIK method stimulates cell processes and introduces special hyaluronic acid gels with antioxidants into the skin. This enables the elastin to move more freely, and intensely moisturises the skin as well as improving the volume of the skin.

This innovative, patented method is highly effective, pain-free and non-invasive. This treatment was created in cooperation with scientists from Germany’s University of ULM.

BYONIK treatment uses Pulse-Triggered-Laser (PTL) which uniquely adapts its frequency precisely to your every heartbeat. The PTL delivers two wavelengths, uniquely guided by your pulse. With every beat of your heart, the laser releases energy into the skin. The combined release of red and near- infrared light ensures that the released energy is transferred to all layers of the skin simultaneously and delivers treatment at the best time for peak beneficial effect.  The near-infrared light also stimulates the skin metabolism and relieves the lymphatic system. The red light of the BYONIK treatment is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. This light helps wounds to heal on our skin and represses signs of aging. BYONIK provides non-surgical skin lifting and visibly reduces the signs of aging on the skin.

The treatment uses specially developed anti-aging gels with embedded antioxidants. This non-invasive and non-ablative treatment process helps the skin to receive intensive moisture, as well as helping the skin gain volume. Often the effects of the treatment can be seen after the first session.

A big difference with the BYONIK laser treatment, versus others, is that it does not destroy skin cells to produce new ones, but instead re-energises our current cells, which helps to slow down the ageing process of our skin.

There are a variety of BYONIK treatments to suit your skin type and need: The BYONIK Quick Power (Controlled Acne and Rosacea) is the perfect solution for Acne prone skin. This treatment will provide your skin with a PH balancing cleanse, followed by our PTL Laser handpieces which help to heal, repair, calm and reduce soreness whilst reducing skin blemishes. 

The BYONIK Quick Power (Detoxification) is a powerful detoxifying facial, giving skin an intensive brightening boost, whilst providing deep cell protection, increased hydration, anti-inflammatory benefits and protection against environmental pollution with stem cells. This treatment is best for breakout prone or congested skin.  

BYONIK Cellular is BYONIK’s Patented approach to healthy skin ageing. A combination treatment focused on improving the skin’s critical moisture levels, while strengthening the natural protection functions of the skin from environmental damage. This treatment provides deep moisturisation and volume. You will need a prior assessment at our clinic.

All BYONIK treatment is gentle on the skin and highly effective, with no recovery time needed. BYONIK treatment is suitable for all skin types and all skin colours throughout the year.

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