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The latest, most results driven depigmentation treatment of all time, Cosmelan® by Mesoestetic is the only peel in the world that can guarantee complete removal.

The Cosmelan peel is a world-leading depigmentation treatment that targets pigmentation problems such as age spots and melasma. These can occur whatever your skin type or colour, but if unmanaged, can worsen over time, and can have a knock-on effect to your confidence.

Pigmentation problems are caused by over-production of melanin, which is what helps give your skin its unique colour. It’s been found that over 90% of adults over 50 have pigmentation problems – though, thankfully, over 1 million have been successfully treated through Cosmelan. Cosmelan Pigmentation treatment in Reading can drastically improve the appearance of your skin and more importantly improve your confidence. Book your consultation at our expert skin clinic today.

Cosmelan Reading

Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment in Reading

Cosmelan® is designed to eliminate or reduce dark spots of melanic origin on skin, whilst improving skin tone and enhancing skin luminosity.

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation & dark spots.
  • Unrivalled melasma removal treatment. 
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Balances the skin’s oil production.
  • Quick results.
  • Suitable & gentle for all skin types.
  • Minimal side effects.

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4 Stages of the Cosmelan® Peel:

There are 4 stages of treatment with Cosmelan.

Step 1: depigmentation begins – a solution is applied in-clinic which intensively targets uneven pigmentation. This can be rinsed off at home, after the recommended time.  

Step 2: ongoing depigmentation  – you’ll then start the next stage of treatment, which involves applying a mask to skin three times a day. This helps continue the depigmentation process.

Step 3: managing melanin production – next, you’ll use a twice-daily mask to regulate the overproduction of melanin in your skin, and get it under control

Step 4: preventing reappearance – the final stage of treatment uses a mask just once a day, to help prevent future hyperpigmentation in your skin. There may be some aftercare recommendations following your treatment, depending on your results and skin type. Sun protection is highly recommended for optimum results.

Getting a De-pigmentation peel at Crysallis Skin Clinic

Typically, when people come to Crysallis Skin Clinic they have tried everything and have spent hundreds of pounds on treatments with no lasting difference and have a bathroom full of half-used products. We are specialists in pigmentation treatment in Reading and are able to achieve life changing results.

Pay your way! Our priority is to help you eliminate your pigmentation troubles with highly effective treatment and skincare tailored to you and your budget. We have a range of fuss-free finance and membership options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes hyperpigmentation?

While some people are genetically predisposed to the condition, it can also occur naturally with age and through hormonal changes. The sun can also trigger the problem. 

How do I know if I have skin pigmentation issues?

There are lots of types of hyper pigmentation, including: 

Liver spots – these are round or oval-shaped spots that can appear on most areas of the body, due to sun exposure.

Freckles – small brownish spots, these commonly appear on the T zone, cheeks, neckline and arms, and are common in those with fair skin and red hair.

Melasma – dark, shadowy patches that usually appear on the face. It’s sometimes called ‘pregnancy mask’.

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) –  typically seen on darker skin, this is where ‘spots’ of pigmentation appear on the body and face. It can be caused by skin problems (from acne to dermatitis), certain types of surgery or skin trauma (such as burns) and can be triggered by certain aesthetic treatments (including laser or peels).

Why try pigmenation treatment?

Like many skin concerns, if pigmentation left untreated, it can cause a knock to your confidence and self-esteem. Though in some cases, pigmentation can fade, it doesn’t always clear up completely on its own. That’s where our pigmentation treatments can help.

Why use Cosmelan?

Cosmelan pigmentation treatment in Reading offers a ‘two-pronged approach’. It both targets existing hyperpigmentation problems, reducing intensity, and can help prevent new patches from appearing. Scientifically speaking, it reduces melanin production, and also blocks the pigment form moving to the upper layers of the skin.

Why trust Cosmelan?

The treatment is the global leader in depigmentation, has successfully treated over 1 million patients, and is proven to work on all skin tones in the long-term.

Why choose Crysallis Skin Clinic?

Here at Crysallis skin clinic, we don’t just settle on one element of your skin problem, but rather, have a multi-layer approach. For pigmentation, this includes:

– Fading existing pigmentation
– Suppressing melanin production
– Guarding against UV rays
– Camouflaging skin tone

Our skin scientist Frankie has many years experience treating various skin concerns and specialises in the treatment of hyper-pigmentation.

Cosmelan Before and After Gallery

Our before & after photos show just why our patients love Frankie. Smoother, more radiant, even-toned and healthier-looking – our real results capture our mission of helping transform your skin while elevating your confidence and self-esteem.

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Booking Your Pigmentation Treatment in Reading

At Crysallis Skin, your local Reading skin clinic, we’re committed to enhancing and improving your appearance through a variety of treatments, each tailored to you.

To ensure you’re happy with your results, we invite our clients to a consultation ahead of treatment, assessing your skin and advising about what could work for you.

And, to ensure peace of mind at every stage of your unique skin journey, you can rest assured that we only work with the best, most trusted names in the business.

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