Pigmentation Treatment

Introduction to Pigmentation

Pigmentation in our skin is created by a type of skin cell called melanocytes, so it makes sense to try and regulate their activity in order to combat pigmentation problems. Many factors can cause, or influence, pigmentation in your skin. In fact, most people will experience pigmentation problems in their lifetime.

In many cases, pigmentation can be caused by sun exposure or damage, ranging from sun bed use, to minimal use of sun protection. However, there are other factors involved, including hormonal changes (triggered by events such as pregnancy) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), following a skin injury or condition (such as acne).

We can help treat pigmentation here at our Reading aesthetics clinic through both a tailored range of skincare products and through in-clinic treatments.

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Signs and Symptoms of Hyperpigmentation

There are several types of hyperpigmentation, and may depend on the cause. These include:

Solar lentigines – also known as sun spots, and ranging in colour from brown to black, these irregular spots are caused by sun exposure and can appear anywhere.
Freckles – the most common type of pigmentation, these brown marks are caused by sun exposure, but can also be linked to genetics.
PIH – often caused by acne or skin injuries, these flat, discoloured marks can fade over time but in many cases, require treatment.
Melasma – hormonal changes are frequently the cause of Melasma, which appears as large patches on the skin.

Those with darker skin types are typically more affected by hyperpigmentation than those with fairer skin, and some types (for example, Melasma) are more common in women than men. 

Pigmentation Treatment in Reading

Our skin experts here at our Reading aesthetics clinic can offer lots of pigmentation treatments to help balance and even out skin tone. These include:

AlumierMD Home Care Products – our range includes serums and peels, which work to brighten and boost skin.

AlumierMD Professional peels – from our Glow Peel to our Vitamin A Boost, all are customised to you and can help exfoliate skin to fade away pigmentation, while boosting cell renewal.

Microneedling & Mesotherapy – this procedure uses fine needles to encourage skin renewal and collagen production, in conjunction with powerful, vitamin-based serums that rejuvenate the skin.

Cosmelan peel – ideal for deep pigmentation, these intensive masks works to reduce and prevent the condition.

Facials – following clinical analysis, we can create a bespoke skin solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why try pigmentation treatment?

Like many skin concerns, if pigmentation left untreated, it can cause a knock to your confidence and self-esteem. Though in some cases, pigmentation can fade, it doesn’t always clear up completely on its own. That’s where our pigmentation treatments can help.

What should I avoid?

Sun exposure can cause many types of pigmentation, as well as worsening symptoms, if you have them. Medicines, stress and hormonal changes can also be to blame. 

How does Pigmentation Treatment work?

The first step on your pigmentation treatment journey is a consultation. This helps our skin experts get to know your skin needs a bit better, and also answer your questions ahead of any procedure or product recommendation. We’ll then recommend solutions for your hyperpigmentation, and providing you’re eligible, book you in at a time to suit you. Finally, we’ll cover aftercare instructions to ensure your skin looks and feels its best following your treatment.

Why choose Crysallis?

Here in Reading, the specialist team at our aesthetics clinic don’t just settle on one element of your skin problem, but rather, have a multi-layer approach. For pigmentation, this includes:

– Fading existing pigmentation
– Suppressing melanin production
– Guarding against UV rays
– Camouflaging skin tone

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Booking Your Pigmentation Treatment

At Crysallis Skin, your local Reading aesthetics clinic, we’re committed to enhancing and improving your appearance through a variety of treatments, each tailored to you.

To ensure you’re happy with your results, we invite our clients to a consultation ahead of treatment, assessing your skin and advising about what could work for you.

And, to ensure peace of mind at every stage of your unique skin journey, you can rest assured that we only work with the best, most trusted names in the business.

Book your consultation by calling 07710024766 or by visiting our contact page today.


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