2 mesoestetic Brightening Foam Cleanser OUT OF STOCK to End MAY


Creamy cleansing foam. Renewer, rebalancing and anti-pollution for Normal and mixed skin – tackles pigmentation, uneven skin tone and hydration.



Apply a small amount over the damp face and massage to form a soft foam. Rinse with plenty of water


Lactobacillus Ferment: post biotic ingredient that enhances the balance of the skin microbiota, essential to preserve the barrier function and health of the skin.

Urban D Tox: biotechnological ingredient of plant origin that can remove contaminating particles placed on the skin and promote the formation of free radicals, that induce premature aging.

Glycolic Acid: Promotes cell turnover. Reduces imperfections in the skin’s surface Smoothes the surface Strengthen and Stimulates collagen and elastin.

Lactic Acid: Similar to glycolic acid with large molecules so more gentle. Intensive moisturisation.


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