Cellcosmet Activator Gel (200ml)


It pretreats the epidermis, optimises the skin’s permeability, increases skin’s receptivity to the biological active ingredients contained in the Cellcosmet cyto- and phyto-cosmeceuticals and it is alcohol-free.

The product is an original formula that provides an intense activation sensation. It is dermatologically tested. The results are a clean, toned and refreshed skin. Your skin will be more receptive to skin care products.

The texture is a dense, non-greasy, emulsifiable gel. It is an active skin care pretreatment with cinnamon and ginger extract.

Tube 200ml / Net wt. 6.7 o.z
All skin types / All ages
Anyone who does not suffer from skin dermatosis
All skin types, except over sensitive, irritated or sensitised skin
Also suitable for men’s skin



Morning and/or evening throughout the year


Cinnamon extract: stimulating, antibacterial

Zeodary oil (turmeric): antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

Ginger extract: stimulating, toning


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