Cellcosmet Active Tonic (90 ml)


It tones and rebalances skin functions, perfects skin cleansing and make-up removal, refreshes and enhances skin complexion, it acts as a real biological mini-peeling and it maximises skin’s receptivity to Cellcosmet active complexes. It is also alcohol-free.

It is the ultimate tonic – its micro-exfoliating action optimises the absorption of active ingredients and clears the complexion. It is also dermatologically tested. It provides a cleaner, fresher and toned skin and an intense radiance of complexion.

The product is a clear liquid.

With a gentle micro-exfoliant electrolytic complex
Bottle 90ml / Net. 3.04 fl. oz.
All skin types / All ages



Every morning and evening throughout the year.


Floral Rose water: toning, revitalising, softening, astringent.

Camomile extract: soothing, softening.

Ion Phosphate based electrolytic complex: gentle micro-exfoliant.


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