Cellcosmet CellEctive CellLift Eye Contour Cream 15ml


Ultra Revitalising and Plumping Cellular Cream
With active stabilised bio-integral cells and Expert Hyaluron and Plumping Agenetics Complexes
Airless Dispenser 15ml / Net wt. 0.5 oz.
All skin types



As a daily corrective treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, morning and evening or as often as necessary to the eye contour.

Apply with light stroking motions to the upper and lower eyelids.

Complete application by gently patting in with fingertips from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes, being careful not to stretch the skin.


Active stabilised bio-integral cells (30%): ultra-revitalising, rebalancing.

Expert Hyaluron Complex: immediate smoothing.

Plumping Agenetics Complex: a vital concentrate for a redensifying, rejuvenating effect.

LiftUp Peptide Complex: anti-gravity, lifting.

Dermo-Smoothing Peptide Complex: anti-fatigue cutaneous effect.

Restructuring Peptide Complex: combats dark circles, lightens.

Eye Revival Complex: lightens dark circles, anti-oxidant effect.

Extract of Black Elder Flowers: anti-eye bags.

Illuminessence Complex: illuminating effect, radiance revealing.


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