Cellcosmet Cellmen Ultra Nourishing Cream Repair-XT 75ml


A protective “second skin” effect that preserves the skin from external aggressions, long-lasting hydration*, intensively nourishes and offsets the skin’s loss of lipids, extremely relipidating and nourishing, repairs chapping and cracking, restores the skin’s suppleness and softness, relieves itchiness and reduces redness and provides the skin with an immediate feeling of comfort and offers extreme softness to rough or flaky areas. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic** and silicone-free.

It is an exceptional cream that fights against any cutaneous dryness and has long-lasting action. The to skin on dry areas is better protected, relipidated, rehydrated*, soothed and more supple and extremely soft with a pleasant sensation of comfort. The texture of the product is a rich, unctuous, non-greasy cream with a protective “second skin” effect.

Ultra nourishing cream for dry skin areas – face and body
With oleo repairing and relipidating complexes
Tube 75ml / Net wt. 2.54 oz.
All skin types / All ages



Specific Oleo Complex including Evening Primrose + Borage + Wheat Germ Oil: intensively regenerating, nourishing, helps prevent wrinkles, restructuring.

Shea Butter: hydrating*, healing, calming, nourishing.

Insaponifiable Plant Oil Complexes including White Lupin Oil: anti-free radicals, anti-ageing, relipidating.

Liquorice extract: calming, anti-inflammatory, highly effective anti-allergen, powerful antioxidant.

Hyaluronic acid: essential molecule for cell repair, anti-dehydrating*, regulates the skin’s insensible water loss.

Polysaccharide-based gel: long-lasting hydration*, filmogenic effect, provides softness and comfort to the skin.

Vitamins C and E: antioxidant.