Cellcosmet Cellular Hand Cream Treatment 60ml


The product protects, moisturises* and revitalises the hands’ delicate and exposed epidermis, optimises skin cellular activity, rebalances natural skin functions, helps delay and repair the appearance of skin ageing, helps prevent the development of pigmentation spots, promotes nail reinforcement and growth and is hypoallergenic**. It is the only cellular cream for hands that respects the physiological age of the skin and its feminine identity and is dermatologically tested.

The results include the epidermis of the hands is better protected, rehydrated*, revitalised and more supple. The texture is a fine, non-greasy, smooth, rapidly absorbed cream.



Apply daily after washing

Throughout the year-end cream, anti ageing


Active stabilised bio-integral cells: revitalising, rebalancing

Vitamins E and C: antioxidant, anti-free radicals

Hydrolysed proteins – Fibronectin and Actin: highly hydrating*, reinforce the skin’s natural defences, maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity, restructurin