Cellcosmet CelluTotal-XT 125ml


The product reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite, smooths* and moisturises** the skin, firms* the skin on the concerned areas and visibly redefines the silhouette. It is a broad-spectrum anti-dimpling cream that fights all the visible effects of cellulite.

The dimpled appearance of the skin is visibly reduced and the skin looks smoother* and firmer* on areas affected by cellulite. The texture is a smooth cream designed for massage.

360° Anti-Cellulite* Cream
With SveltFermeté and FitShape Complexes
Pump tube
125 ml / Net wt. 4.44 oz
All skin types / All ages



Apply a thin layer and massage into the areas affected by cellulite

Apply after shower or bath, twice a day, for at least 1 month, then once a day to prolong and optimise the result


SveltFermeté Complex: firms* the skin and visibly redefines the silhouette

FitShape Complex: reduces the appearance of cellulite

Anti-Water* Retention Complex and Macerated Arnica Oil: reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite

HydraProtect Complex: moisturises** and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable

D-Panthenol: soothes dry skin

** Upper layers of the epidermis

* In terms of appearance


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