Cellcosmet Sensorial Intensive-XT Body Structure Cream 200ml


Cellcosmet Body Structure is a hydrating body cream that features firming, toning, nourishing and long-lasting hydration*. Body Structure is highly recommended for dried-out or dehydrated skin. Dermatologically tested. A network mainly assures the firmness of skin tissue of supporting protein fibres, located in the dermis: collagen and elastin, the skin firmness evolves according to physiological rhythms, however, with age, these protein fibres lose their functional properties: collagen becomes rigid, and elastin loses its elasticity – tissues loosen and wrinkles appear. The slackening of skin tissue is caused by internal factors, such as ageing and unbalanced diet and external factors, such as pregnancy, weight fluctuation, excessive exposure to the sun and a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent and correct the effects of loose skin tissue, Cellap Laboratoire has developed Cellcosmet BodyStructure-XT. An intensive, firming and restructuring sensorial skincare cream which preserves the suppleness and tonicity of the body’s skin. Cellcosmet Body Structure -XT owes its efficacy to its unique polyactive formula and its protective “second skin” sensory effect. It is made up of a unique complex of plant oils, Shea butter and targeted Phyto complexes.

This skilfully selected combination for body structure helps to smooth the skin surface, firm cutaneous tissue, hydrate* and slow down the skin’s water loss, even out skin texture, nourish and leave the skin with a soft, satiny feel, restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, non-greasy and its “second skin” sensory effect enables easy application without leaving the skin feeling greasy. The product restructures the skin’s surface, moisturises* and prevents the skin from losing water, restores the hydrolipidic film, reinforces the epidermic protective barrier, firms the skin tissue, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, smoothes and harmonises skin texture, nourishes and softens the skin, leaving a satin smooth texture and hypoallergenic**. It has an originally polyactive ­formula, with a sensorial firming and protective “second skin” effect. The results include smoother, more toned skin, nourished, moisturized* and firmer skin and a harmonized skin texture. The texture is a smooth, non-greasy, sensorial “second skin” effect and it allows for an optimal application without any sticky after-feel.


Body Structure-XT
Body Structure Cream Intensive Firming Skin Care

With restructuring phyto-complexes and white lupin oil
Tube 200ml / Net wt. 6.91 oz.
All skin types / All ages
Ref. 2217.0301



Specific oleo complex composed of Borage oil, Evening Primrose oil and Wheat Germ oil: Intensively regenerating, Nourishing, helps prevent wrinkles

Shea butter: Cutaneous protector, Moisturizing*, Firming, Nourishing, Healing

Unsaponifiable plant oil complexes with White Lupin oil: Restructuring, anti-elastic, anti-slackening, anti-free radicals, relipidising

Phyto-tensor and firming complexes: The immediate tightening effect, smooth wrinkles

Firming and hydrating* complex: Anti-ageing, protects elastin fibers and fibroblasts

Hydrasensorial complex: Filmogen protects against pollution, reinforces the role of the cutaneous barrier, healing