2 mesoestetic Imperfection Control


Specific, local treatment for emerging or rebellious acne breakouts. The innovative pigments in the formula have a modulated, progressive, concealing effect controlled by the movements made during application which make it possible to adapt the treatment to different skin types. At the same time, the complementary effects of the components of m.acne complex quickly reverse the rubor and tumefaction of acneiform eruptions. Benefits include skin-matching pigments conceal blemishes, the unique acne fighting complex clears the skin and a targeted treatment for individual spots.

This focal treatment is designed to directly target emerging and existing acne breakouts. The innovative pigments adapt to your skin tone as you apply, concealing blemishes for a clear complexion. As well as concealing spots, the exclusive m.acne complex targets the different factors that trigger acne. The m.acne complex works to reduce the levels of hormones involved in the androgen process related to acne-prone skin, encourage keratolysis on an abnormally thick stratum corneum, unblock clogged pores, slow down the production of sebum, inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria and reduce and soothe post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Size: 10ml



Apply a small amount of Imperfection Control directly to the affected area, ensuring skin is thoroughly cleansed beforehand. Use gentle circular motions to build up the coverage of the blemish.


mesoestetic Imperfection Control is not suitable for use during pregnancy due to the formula including Salicylic Acid.


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