I don’t know about you, but Springtime is my favourite time  – it brings about a period of renewal in the natural world and is a great time for us to renew ourselves… whether in mind, body, or spirit.

Flowers start to bloom, new-born lambs are seen running across fields, the days get lighter earlier (thank goodness!!!) and longer and our bodies can begin to feel revived from the harsh winter weather. I find myself energised to walk in nature, and recently challenged myself and have done 2 x 5 mile hikes in the woodlands around Caversham. It was easier than I thought, and I suspect I will become an addicted walker!!!

But I also take a look at my cupboard of skin products and review my skin regime in Spring, assessing the products I have been using in the winter. As the seasons change so does our skin. We need less nourishing products, and and more activating and energising products.

So here are my Springtime tips for you to do the same!

How Can You Give Your Skincare Products A Touch Of The Springtime Renewal?

If you find yourself completing a spring clean of your kitchen cupboards this time of year, where you find out of date products hidden at the back of your cupboard, now is the time to apply the same principle to your current skin care products. 

Let go of half-used products or ones that are out of date, those that you know no longer suit your skin and those that you simply don’t like. Once you have done this, look at the products you have remaining. What are you missing from your current skin care? 

Have you got a medical grade product with the correct SPF for this time of year? Our go-to product is the Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Anti Ageing Facial Sun Mist SPF 50+. It is a non-oily, high protecting spray sunscreen that can even be applied over the top of your makeup. 

We stock a large variety of skincare products on our online shop to suit various skin types and skin concerns. We believe in the power of high quality and scientifically proven skincare from brands such as AlumierMD, Medik8, Byonik and Mesoestetic. If you want to know more about our amazing skincare products or would like a tailored recommendation to suit your skin type or skin concern, get in touch with us to arrange consultation.

What About Your Skincare Routine?

Springtime is a wonderful chance to review your current skin care routine. Products and your go-to routine over the harsher winter months, may no longer suit your skin during this season.

Make sure you take the time to look at a good daily routine which includes cleansing, serums, SPFs and moisturisers for day and night time. Adding a medical grade Vitamin C to your regime helps combat those free radicals as we step out in to the sun!! UVA causes 80% of our ageing, and the suns rays are 95% UVA!!!! Crazy right?? 

If you suffer from a particular skin concern, such as acne, pigmentation, dry or dehydrated skin, then it is even more important to assess your skincare routine during spring before we get to summer. It may be time to add some additional treatments alongside your products in order to overcome your skin concerns.

You can view a whole list of skin conditions we treat here at Crysallis Skin Clinic.

What Else In Your Routine Can You Give The Springtime Renewal To?

Springtime is also a perfect chance to look again at your diet and lifestyle. Have the winter months left you feeling a bit more sluggish than you like, a bit more reliant on fatty and unhealthy food than you know is good for you? If so, then look to address these over the coming months.

Make the most of the brighter days by exploring nature around you, go for long walks, renew your gym subscription, ensure you are eating the right balance of healthy foods for your body, and make sure you are allowing yourself some ‘down time’ every day. All of this will also have an additional benefit of helping your skin look and feel it’s best. 

If you’re keen to overhaul your skincare routine during the springtime renewal, we’d love to hear from you and support you on your journey to your best skin yet.

Get in touch with us at our expert skin care clinic in Reading. We will happily discuss with you the premium skin care products we use and the best treatments we provide to help you achieve the skin you deserve.