Rosacea / Redness (Erythema)

The flushing and redness from Erythema are essentially constant vasodilation (widening of capillaries) which causes damage and weaken the surface capillaries resulting in greater susceptibility to irritation, permanent diffused redness and telangiectasia (threadlike red lines or patterns on the skin). Blood vessel permeability is also affected allowing blood and plasma leakage into the surrounding tissue.

What causes this?

UV light (sunlight), heat, embarrassment, hot spicy food, hormones, stress, harsh weather, bad products, dehydration, skin disorders and distension of the capillary.

Understanding the physiology

The arterial capillaries carry oxygenated blood/vitamin and mineral nutrients/amino acids/glucose into the intercellular spaces which facilitates cell metabolism, growth and repair.

The venous capillaries carry deoxygenated Co2 blood/waste like urea and cellular matter/ away to the larger venules and veins. If these exchanges do not happen, toxins and fluid accumulate in the tissue to make the skin sluggish and dysfunctional.

Vasodilation will cause flushing and redness or erythema due to the relaxing of the smooth muscle lining the blood capillary and stretching out the elastic wall of the vessel allowing the vessel to widen bringing blood closer to the skin surface to lose heat. Vasoconstriction is the opposite and will happen when cold, or adrenalin kicks in so that visceral muscle restricts the blood flow to the skin surface and it is deprived of oxygen and nutrients.

How we will treat your Rosacea.

We need to reduce any inflammation in the skin first and prepare the sensitised skin to receive rejuvenating treatments to eradicate the condition. To reduce redness we tailor facials which introduce products to nourish, hydrate, protect and strengthen the skin.

We prepare a bespoke home product regime with calming products that contain hinokitiol, which is a multifaceted active with calming and antioxidant properties, and Piperonyl glucose and sea whip which both relieve redness by different mechanisms to enhance effectiveness.

Though these treatments we begin to repair the natural barrier function of the skin and its acid mantle. As the skin strengthens, we incorporate rejuvenating treatments such as chemical peels and microneedling, and/or corrective blemish removal/thread vein removal uasing short wave diathermy (see Blemish conditions).

Micro-needling has proved very effective at helping to strengthen the capillary walls.