What causes pigmentation?

There are several causes of pigmentation from hormonal changes during pregnancy to sunspots, sun damage from over tanning, exposure to UVA through not wearing SPF daily, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following an injury to the skin.

The ‘stains’ left behind can be unsightly and their appearance can cause emotional distress to those who have them. Often pigmentation has deep dermal roots and requires careful management to remove. This deep pigmentation often arises as we age.


How can you treat it?

There are many ‘brightening’ creams available in high-street chemists. These are superficial and will have little if any, positive effect in the long-term.

Little is known about the process that results in pigmentation which means some pigmentation marks can be particularly resistant to treatment.

We have seen promising results with the specialist products used in our treatments. Cosmelan is a world renowned treatment used to tackle deep pigmentation, but we also have a basket of other chemical peel acids that are successful in inhibiting melanocytes in pigmentation. We also use pharmaceutical grade serums used with the combination of Microneedling & Mesotherapy which have shown excellent results.

As we age it is natural that our skin does, too. Our skin is particularly susceptible to ageing prematurely as a result of nutritional and external factors, such as sunlight.

The good news is that we can slow the process through highly-calibrated treatments and specialist products that do more than just prevent but actively repair the damage caused to our skin.

By our early 30s the body stops producing its own collagen & elastin. The primary function of these is to keep our skin taut, plump and wrinkle-free so any degradation is quickly apparent. With our treatments we help the body kickstart collagen production.