The cause of hyperpigmentation is the abnormal production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour. As a consequence of uncontrolled and localised overproduction of melanin inside the melanocyte, this causes irregular skin colouration and dark spots.

What Factors Can Cause Hyperpigmentation?

Numerous external and internal factors can cause hyperpigmentation:

  • Genetic Tendency
  • Sun Exposure
  • Inflammation
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Ageing
  • Exposure to Chemicals
  • Photosensitising medication

How Can I Treat My Hyperpigmentation?

Here at Crysallis Skin Clinic in Reading we offer a fantastic Mesoestetic Depigmentation Skin Preparation Kit. The kit optimises results and ensures an even penetration of depigmentation treatments. When you visit the clinic for any Cosmelan or Dermamelan treatments, then these products must be used beforehand. They must also be used before using Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2 Cream. Products included in this pack include:

·         Mesoestetic Brightening Foam Cleanser which can be used in both the morning and evening as part of your daily cleansing routine. It contains multiple active ingredients which all deliver a variety of benefits to improve your complexion. The active ingredient of Lactobacillus ferment is a post biotic ingredient which balances the skin and improves the skin barrier for healthier skin.

·         Mesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster is designed to limit melanogenic activity by targeting hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and imperfections. It reduces the appearance of existing pigmentation and minimises the formation of future dark spots.

·         Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Essence is an intensive serum which contains antioxidants and (meso) white complex to inhibit melanin synthesis. The essence significantly reduces and prevents the appearance of dark spots and small wrinkles, working to unify the skin tone.

·         Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Light Water Anti-ageing Veil is a lightweight fluid offering superior protection against all ranges of damaging light that can lead to premature ageing. Mesoestetic Mesoprotech technology protects the skin against UVB and UVA Radiation as well as visible light (HEV) and infrared radiation (IR)

How Can I Remove Spots Fully And Prevent Their Reappearance?

So Cosmelan is a depigmentation method that removes spots fully and prevents their reappearance for a short-term outcome while impressively being able to maintain hyperpigmentation under control for a long-lasting outcome. Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2 Cream is an efficient cosmetic method with proven results in eliminating and/or reducing melanic spots. This treatment helps to restore radiance and clarity by softly removing uneven pigmentation. It creates an even skin tone and improves luminosity whilst antioxidants protect against harmful free radicals.

These are just some of the Mesoestetic range we stock in our shop. If you would like to find out more about this product range or about any of our fantastic treatments, get in contact today. We will happily discuss the premium products we use and the best treatments to give you the skin you deserve.