Retinol has been growing in popularity in recent years, but is it worth the hype? Over the years retinol has earned a major ‘gold standard’ reputation for delivering a long list of skin boosting benefits.

What does topically applied Vitamin A do for our skin?

–       It increases collagen synthesis and helps prevent breakdown of collagen for plumper more youthful looking skin

–       It increases cell turnover for a smoother skin surface

–       It decreases melanin production for an even tone skin

–       It reduces sebum production to minimises blemish formation

–       It helps with UV repair – it helps both in the day and at night

Retinol works its magic by sinking into the skin and speeding up cell turnover and exfoliating older cells at an increased rate.

Here are some top tips on how to use Retinol effectively as part of your skincare regime:

–       Use a small amount- think of a pea sized drop

–       Apply it to clean, dry skin

–       Brush your teeth in between re-applying

–       Make sure you apply SPF every morning to prevent skin from sun damage

So now you know more about Retinol… is it worth the hype? We think so! That is why we offer a range of Retinol products to suit your skin and budget.

Crysallis Power Retinol 1%

This powerful and highly effective serum contains 1% liposomal retinol, a stabilised vitamin A derivative which has been clinically proven to increase cell turnover.

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Alumier Retinol Products

We offer a range of Alumier Retinol Products, from Resurfacing Serum 0.5, to Alumier Retinol Eye Gel. Check out all the information about these products via our online shop.


Medik8 offer a variety of Retinol products, including a lightweight Vitamin A night serum, an intelligent Retinol serum and a Retinol Eye serum.

There are other ingredients beside Retinol that are used topically.

One is Retinal – it is the closest bio-available form to Retinoic acid that the body needs and is therefore very good to use. It has been difficult to stabilize in the past, but this issue has been overcome in certain products on the market through a process of Crystal encapsulation. It is 11 times faster acting that traditional Retinol.

Retinal retinoate is crème de la crème of topical Vitamin A and 8 times stronger than normal Retinol with no irritation. It can be used morning and night. The Retinaldehyde component of this is also also microbial so great for oily blemish prone skins.

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