Some areas of the body are more prone to accumulate fat; they require treatment consisting of various active compounds to remove them and halt their creation. Treatment focused on stubborn areas like love handles, hips or arms enhances a defined and re-densified figure. To work on these troublesome areas, you need to use specific products such as Mesoestetic products. Their active ingredients are known to work within the skin and fat cells.

What Mesoestetic Products We Recommend

An easily absorbed, light textured, thermal effect slimming gel which is specifically designed for treating skin with fat deposits in the most stubborn areas of the skin is Mesoestetic Bodyshock local reducer. This slimming gel works on love handles, hips and arms by eliminating fatty tissue. It improves skin’s smoothness and elasticity, giving it a firmer appearance.

Due to its heat-reducing characteristics, a feeling of intense heat or stinging may be noticed after application. This is due to the action of the active ingredients promoting the elimination of adipose tissue and inhibit growth capacity of fatty nodules. The phenomenon is temporary and should not be confused with intolerance reactions to the product of allergies.

To use, simply apply as needed at night to the area to be treated. It is recommended to combine this with Mesoestetic Bodyshock total reducer or Mesoestetic Bodyshock night reducer.

Human body cells are regulated by a biological clock that naturally activates during the day and night based on circadian rhythms, enabling them to fulfil basic functions such as regeneration and skin cell repair. The body regenerates cells during sleep. This prepares the body for activities during waking hours. During sleep our blood flow and body temperature increases, thereby performing a slimming action and encouraging mobilisation of localised fat. Mesoestetic Bodyshock night reducer reduces lipid accumulation during the night as well as promoting collagen synthesis and aids in removing fat nodules. The active ingredient of Chlorella enhances tissue repair and cell regeneration. L-Carnitine transports fatty acids and prevents the body from using them. To use, apply at night to the area to be treated using an upward circular massage movement on clean, dry skin.  

Oral Supplements

At Crysallis Skin Clinic we also offer Mesoestetic Bodyshock reducer pills. These are an oral supplement designed to combat fluid retention and adipose fat from inside. Using this supplement results in smoother and more even skin. The benefits of Mesoestetic Bodyshock Reducer Pills include:

·         Prevention of fat absorption and fluid retention.

·         The appearance of lumps, bumps and uneven skin texture is improved.

These food supplements work to prevent the absorption of fat into the body. They work by combatting fluid retention and fatty tissue from the inside; making skin texture appear smoother.

To use, simply take one capsule daily with the recommended use for at least three months.

Using the Mesoestetic Bodyshock range alongside a healthy diet and exercise can provide improved and long-lasting results.

These are just some of the Mesoestetic products we stock in our shop. If you would like to find out more about this product range or about any of our fantastic treatments, get in contact today. We will happily discuss the premium products we use and the best treatments to give you the skin you deserve.